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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Assalamualaikum, how are u ? hope u always pink in health. :)
ermm, have u ever think that what is the purpose of your creation as human being in this world?
wether we realised it or not, we actually have our own mission. as daei'.

man qolailahaillah fa huwa daei'
this is mean that every person who recite syahadah in their daily life is the khalifah.
KHALIFAH : person who help people from misguidence with 'nas' from al-Quran. they the one who guide the others from making mistake. and khalifah is the connective to the effort of Rasulullah and  Amirul Mukminin and leaders.

we maybe are not such an important person in a country, but sometimes with small action we can effect others too. as for the example, we can show good example as muslimah to others so that, people can follow the goodness of you.

Allah create us just for obey and do as He want. As long as we do what we should do as a slave to his master, InsyaAllah everything gonna be okay. :)

and Allah ask us in al-Quran to think.
> think the greatness of Allah's creation
> think about the hidden meaning in surah
> think to make the world save
> think as human is giving good brain to think
>and think as long as we can think.


-never stop to be better person in this life-